Adam Mosseri net worth , Age, Height, Weight, Biography

Adam Mosseri net worth – $ 120 Million

He has around 128k followers on Instagram and around 32.8k followers on Twitter.

Mosseri lives in San Francisco with his wife, Monica Mosseri. They have 3 sons.

The Mosseri family is active in local philanthropic causes including the Shanti Project. Mosseri had dual U.S. and Israeli citizenship, as his father is Israeli.

He attended New York University’s Gallatin School  to study media and information design. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in information design in 2005.


Amount of net worth $ 120 Million
Name Adam Mosseri
Born 23 January, 1983
Place of birth New york
Profession American Businessman  and Head of Instagram
Age 36 Year
Nationality united states, Israel

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