Co-founder of Freshtohome “Shan Kadavil” Biography: Family, Life, Career and More

Shan Kadavil is a farmer, fisherman & Entrepreneur. He is also Co-founder and Ceo of Freshtohome.Here is checking out Co-founder of Freshtohome “Shan Kadavil” Biography: Family, Life, Career and More


  • He studied Btech from Model Engineering College, Cochin.
  • He completed his schooling at Sharjah Indian school.


  • He worked as a Senior Software Engineer in MAPS geosystems from June 1999 to December 2000.
  • From 2000 to August 2001 he worked as Software Consultant In SVAM international.
  • In SupportSoft Inc for 8 years.
  • He worked on a different posts in SupportSoft during this time span.

 He acted as Vice President Products and Country Manager from September 2006 to July 2009.

He was a co-founder of India and director of engineering from April 2003 to September 2006.

He worked as Senior Engineer & Architect from august 2001 to September 2003.

  • He worked as Country Manager India In Zynga from august 2009 to March 2015.
  • He was a founder and managing director at
  • At present, he is CEO of


  • Freshtohome is founded by Shan Kadavil and Mathew Joseph in 2015.
  • It’s a website or online store that sells a wide range of seafood and meat to its customers.
  • Its headquarter is located in Bangalore, Karnataka.


Its products include fish, mutton, seafood, chicken and all these products are chemical-free.

Due to covid 19 consumers have shifted their interest towards E-commerce as everybody wants safe & fresh quality of meat and fish.

This website becomes successful because its promises to provide food that is 100% Fresh and has 0% chemicals.

Basically, fisherman sells their fish to the middleman.

The process of biding is used in selling fish.

Middleman picks fresh fish from the coastline but the fish consumer finally gets is far from fresh.

Middleman put the fish in plastic crates filled with ice and ammonia to reduce the price of rice and transportation. Because of this, the product may look good but it has started rotting.

Freshtohome has completely changed this method.

The basic idea is to supply fresh food to consumers and to make fishermen happy by giving them the correct price for their fresh product.

There is no role of middleman in the process used by Freshtohome.

From Seatohome to Freshtohome

Seatohome was an online fish supplying business started by Mathew Joseph in 2011 and Shan Kadavil was a customer of Seatohome.

Due to a lack of E-commerce understanding, it was difficult for Matthew to scale up his business.

In one of his statements, Shan Kadavil said “While Mathew was unhappy,I was unhappier, as I couldn’t get good fish. Starting Freshtohome wasn’t just about the market size or opportunity, it was a purely selfish reason for the need for good fish”.

Shan Kadavil approached Methew with the idea of a startup business, in this way freshtohome started.

Freshtohome takes the meat from the farmer keeping the cold chain intact between zero and five degrees Celsius. They also created the android app. By using this app fishermen can sell their fish. Process of biding used by fisherman in the selling of fish. they bid at the price they want to sell their fishes.

After the purchase order is placed freshtohome sends its trucks to source the fish and bring it back.

Legal Name

  • Freshtohome Foods Private Limited

Contact number

  • 18003133302



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