Ahammed Sha Biography: Founder of WorkyPedia

WorkyPedia was launched in 2017 as an Instagram page. There were no known companies from Kerala in the field of market research. All were foreign companies. Their staff also do not know how to speak or write Malayalam. All of their research and reports were technically excellent. But due to the linguistic difference, the naturalness was lost and the result was not good enough.

Starting with the Instagram page, we started by introducing friends and acquaintances to what small-scale market research is all about in small businesses and ventures. Then the office and the website and now the Android app and the loyal and efficient staff (Team WorkyPedia) continue our journey.

What we used to do and operate is not like a typical market research company. Everyone is just trying to learn what the problems are. But we will learn the pros and cons, tell business entrepreneurs and brands what to keep and what to change, as well as give our own suggestions.

Many such companies have declined when it comes to corona and lockdown, but we can say that it was at that time that we jumped more than usual. We could have guessed the situation in the very early days of the corona in India. At that time, our app was modified as a wartime activity to enable us to include online research/survey projects as well. Therefore, we can now do research for any brand in any part of the world faster and less costly than visiting research in institutions.

Oversee customer care support executives over the phone and report on how their services/products are influencing people through App Test, Web Test, and Soft Test projects and what changes people want.

After all, we are now upgrading our company to a Business Outsourcing Platform. We are also proud to be the first Kerala-based Business Outsourcing Company. Team WorkyPedia, Field Researchers, Online Researchers, Clients, Supporters, Criticizers remember everyone who paved the way for all success.😍

Disasters can happen at any time, even if disasters cannot be predicted, try to anticipate the damage they will cause, fight without getting caught, and success will go hand in hand.

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